Infertility is common problems in today’s world. Infertility means the person’s ability to reproduce babies. Male infertility means the male inability to help his female partner to produce babies. There are different reasons which affect infertility in men. Infertility if not treated, will never be able to produce babies. Every couple wants to become a parent the treatment of fertility should be there to have every couple blessed with a baby.

Factors which affect sperm count

Libido is the problem in men, in which person never urges to have sex. The second factor is erectile dysfunction is the problem which is also known as impotence in which a person is not able to maintain an erection. The third factor is testosterone in which male hormone is very low means testosterone is low which leads to the failure to reproduce. The fourth factor is sperm count which states the number of cells in semen.

Factors which help increase sperm count

1. Aspartic acid-

It is a kind of supplement, which contains amino acid. It also contains lots of proteins. DAA level is a major factor which helps in indicating the fertility of men. They are in testicles, semen, and also sperm of men. DAA contains proteins which help to increase the level of testosterone in men which increases the fertility level. Take three grams of D Aspartic acid on a regular basis are very helpful, but the dose should be in limit. Overdose may lead to lowering the testosterone level which is not good for fertility. As the age of men increases, the level of testosterone starts decreasing and can result in increased body fat. Due to inadequate sleep testosterone level decreases. DAA is mostly in the pituitary and pineal glands; it also helps to manage the hormone level of the body. DAA also helps in building muscles; testosterone is very beneficial in developing the muscles, which also leads t increase in sperm count.

2. Exercise and Sleep-

Exercise is very helpful to increase sperm count. Exercise includes lots of muscles development, increase in sweat production. Frequent exercises help to decrease the weight of the body, which decreases body fat. Exercise is the best way to increase the sperm count in men; it is very simple and useful method. Fruits and green vegetables can help in increasing fertility point in men. Rich protein diet should include. Weak sperms often lead to miscarriage. It is also recommended to consult a doctor if the proper lifestyle is also not used to increase sperm count. No delay should be there to start the treatment. Sleep is another important factor; at least six to eight hours of sleep should be there. Inadequate sleep can cause the testosterone level to decrease. Testosterone is released when men are sleeping. The sleep is less than six hours hormone is less causing impact on fertility. Poor sleep can also decrease the desire to have sex which again hits the fertility.

3. Take enough vitamin c-

Vitamin c is essential for the body. Insufficient amount of vitamin can lead to an adverse effect on the body. Vitamin c is very useful in increasing the quality of semen. Take the supplement of one thousand mg of vitamin c on a regular basis, two times in a day. Vitamin c has many benefits; it helps in sperm count which leads to increase in fertility of men. Vitamin c helps to make the sperm healthy and strong. It also protects the sperm from any damage to DNA. Regular intake of vitamins can increase the chances of pregnancy and also help the sperm to be motile. Vitamin c has a quality of an antioxidant, which protects from all diseases. Fruits such as guava, papaya, strawberries, etc. are rich in vitamin c which helps to increase the immune system. Vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, and potatoes are very healthy and contain a high volume of vitamin, which helps to increase fertility level in men.

4. Stay away from stress-

Stress has many side effects; it damages the fertility level of both men and women. It breaks the various tissues, lowers the immune level. There are hormonal imbalances. Due to increase in stress count of sperm decreases, also the level of testosterone is low, urge to have sex decreases. It has a bad effect on the reproductive system. There are some ways in which we can get rid of stress such as engage yourself in some activity which gives you pleasure; you do not think of anyone else. There is total peace of mind. Exercise regularly to keep the body fit and active. Meditation is the best way to keep the mind free. Give time to your partner. In the busy life of an individual, it is very necessary to give time to your life partner. Spend quality time, watch a movie, and go out for dinner. The stress-free environment can lead to increase in a romantic relationship, which automatically increases fertility.

5. Reduce chemical exposure-

In a survey, most of the men in today’s time have weak semen as compared to early generation. The reason is the increase in pollution which decreases the quality of men by impacting health. Avoid the use of plastic containers such as bottles and utensils. Use the paper products without the impact of chlorine. Chlorine has a negative impact on health. Use coffee filters which are not bleached, paper napkins to lessen the impact of pollution. Always avoid taking alcohol, as alcohol leaves a very bad impact on the body making it weak. Smoking also increases cancerous tissue leading a life in danger. It decreases the fertility level. Try consuming food rich in vitamin c and antioxidants, which increase the immune system in the body making it healthy. Make optimum use of the organic produce as they do not have any adverse effect, and are good to use.

6. Take nutrition supplements-

Nutrition supplements are very useful in making the fertility strong in men. Vitamin c helps the sperms from sticking with each other. Zinc helps in increasing the level of testosterone in men and allowing the sperms to be mobile. Turkey, lamb, and oysters are the kind of food which is rich in zinc supplement. There are other nutritious foods which help increase sperm count are chromium, copper, vitamin e, and B complex vitamins. Take fruits and vegetables which are full of nutrition. As per study at Harvard University, the yellow and orange color fruits and vegetables are most advisable. As they contain vitamin A. Melon and sweet potato are very useful in increasing the sperm quality. Vegetable such as tomato is beneficial in shaping the unshaped sperms. Carrot is also very useful as they help the sperms to reach close to the egg, making it fertile.

7. Surgery-

Treatment for fertility depends on the condition of men. Surgery is one of the methods for treatment. Infection in reproductive tract gets clear with the help of antibiotics. Hormonal imbalance can lead to low sperm count, which can be treated by hormone treatment. Cure the problem of sperm motility the treatment is by assisted reproductive technology. Surgical surgery comes in place when all other methods fail. Varicocele repair is a kind of surgery which helps to enlarge veins, which is very useful in treating male fertility. It is very safe form. The second method is Ejaculatory duct resection under this surgery method it is used to clear the ducts or stones present in sperms. The treatment takes one hours time but is considered as successful. Vasectomy Reversal surgery, under this treatment, is done to unblock the sperms which get blocked due to infections and trauma.

8. Consumption of food with omega three fatty acid-

Food such as flaxseeds, salmon fish, olive oil, and tuna, etc. are rich in omega three. The sperm cells are of fats and proteins; the sperm quality depends mostly on the contents of fatty acid. The Fatty acid is the best source for making sperm healthy and active. Omega three fatty acid helps in the production of inflammatory functions. The body needs nutrient level which
Cannot be produced by itself, it is in the form of different food. Omega three fatty acid can help to reduce the risk of having a disease like cancer, inflammation, and another cardiac disease. Eating food helps to protect from a heart attack. Omega three fatty acid is great is treatment against fertility problem in men.

9. Fenugreek Supplement-

Fenugreek is a wonderful treatment for fertility. It helps in increasing the sperm count in men. Fenugreek is also useful in treatment for kidney, liver and another cardiac disease. It helps to boost the level of testosterone. If fenugreek is consumed thirty days regularly, it helps in increasing the sperm quality and motility. It helps in making sperms grow healthy and strong. Fenugreek helps in making muscles strong. It also helps in lowering the cholesterol level of the body. By regular consumption of fenugreek, it helps in reducing stone in the urinary tract and other infections in the track. The supplement of fenugreek is very healthy and if consumed helps to strengthen the desire to have sex with men.

10. Ginseng Root-

Ginseng root is another name for Ashwagandha. It is a medical herb which helps to increase the fertility level of men. It increases the level of testosterone level and makes sperms healthy. It also helps the sperm to reach close to its partner’s egg. The quality of sperms is also improved. Regular consumption of seven hundred mg of Ashwagandha increases the sperm count. It not only helps to maintain the hormonal misbalance but also helps to minimize stress level. The treatment takes three months time to increase the fertility rate. It does not help to increase the semen value but also helps in increasing the quality of semen. It increases the weight of testicular, on a daily basis the quantity of sperm generation. Stress and depression are the two victims who do not allow the sperms to grow strong, no sexual desire. Ashwagandha helps in countering all these problems. It also helps to improve the level of antioxidant. Take one-fourth kg of black gram and one -fourth kg of velvet beans, ashwagandha into it. Mix them well and boil them for few minutes. After filtering the solution add three cups of milk into it, one- fourth cup of ghee, sugar as per taste. Mix it and consume the solution in one fourth cup quantity before every meal.


To make fertility strong in men, he should be away from stress, depression, and smoking. This habit creates negativity, leading to weak sperm formation. More men are suffering from the problem of infertility. Pollution is another drawback which hinders the growth of a person. It is advisable to keep laptop away, as their harmful rays can cause infertility. Avoid taking huge doses of alcohol as they can deteriorate the sperm production in men. Get rid of infertility; it is essential to follow a rich, healthy diet. It helps to get rid of the nutritious problem and helps in the production of healthy sperms. Sperm should be healthy to produce babies. Weight should be under control as excess fat would not allow the sperm to stay healthy. Staying active and fit helps in maintaining the healthy sperm. Cleanliness is very much essential to making sperm healthy. If you have been to pollution, germs, and dirt. It is advisable to take a shower and clean all dust from the body. The unhygienic environment can cause sperms to be inactive and weak. Too much stay in heat causes a decline in serum quality. Fat men have the problem of the lower level of testosterone, which decreases the production of sperm in men causing infertility. Low level of folic acid in men causes a higher rate of abnormal chromosomes in the sperm, which creates miscarriages. Taking ample sleep, protein-rich diet, and having regular exercise helps in reducing the problem. Cigarette smoking causes the damage in sperm of men. It increases the rate of infertility.

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