Height is a very important factor which helps in determining the persona of an individual. The short people is not much in demand; they are less confident. They are treated low. People with increase height become the center of attraction. They are a confident individual. Growth hormone helps in making body tall and active.

Factors responsible for the increase in height:

1. Proper Sleep-

Factors which helps in the height growth is to have a proper sleep. Sleep must be of six to eight hours. While sleeping the body regenerates tissues which is essential for the growth of an individual. The sleep should be peaceful without any disturbance, to help the body produce tissues without any difficulty. Before going to bed take a bath with lukewarm water, it helps to have a peaceful night. During sleep, body releases growth hormone which is essential for the body. Until and unless the growth plates are open sleep helps in increasing the height. But once the growth plates get closed, sleeping won’t help to increase the height. If the growth joints get broken in any accident then also sleep won’t help to help in height increase. It is advisable not to take growth hormone supplement, as this is not legal which hurt the body. The more deeply you sleep, the body feels relax and release growth hormones. Sleeping is natural with no adverse effect and makes the body feel relaxed and active. There is age limit which helps the body to grow.

2. Regular Exercise and Sports activity-

The person who is physically fit and active are also tall. It is required to feed the body with nutrition to make the body fit and active. Having intake of nutrition makes the body tall and super active. Sports also helps a lot in making the body fit and tall. As per the study, activities like swimming, aerobics, table tennis, football, and cricket help a lot in making the body fit and fine. The growth of human body is related to the development of bones and other parts of the body. Swimming started at the young age helps a lot in contributing to the height of an individual. Swimming is an overall exercise of the body. It helps to build and strengthen body muscles. Different stretch exercise is also very good for health like car stretch, bow down; leg stretches, etc. are very useful to strengthen the body muscles. Doing the stretching activity regularly for fifteen minutes helps in developing growth hormone of the body which increases height. Another useful exercise is doing yoga, which helps in growth of an individual. Hanging also helps a lot in developing the muscles, this is one of the difficult exercises but very useful for the body growth. Hang from any height bar with the help of arms for about fifteen seconds. Regular doing of arm stretching for five minutes helps in body growth of hormones.


3. Yoga-

Yoga is a great way to reduce stress and helps in increasing the height. It helps in developing the overall fitness of an individual. Yoga’s different form helps in releasing various growth hormones which act as energy booster which helps the body to grow. In yoga forms such as balancing yoga and stretching yoga is very useful. Different forms of yoga like triangle pose, cobra pose, mountain pose, and pleasant pose are very helpful for making height growth. Under tadasana yoga, all the body parts get stretched from head to toe, which helps to increase the production of growth hormone. Growth hormone which helps the body in increasing the height. Under tree pose yoga one leg is folded and put on the thigh of another leg. The second leg bears the whole burden which helps to increase body muscles. When the neck faces in the upward direction, it helps to pituitary glands to produce hormones. Under the headstand yoga, entire burden is on the head of a person which gives direct pressure on the pituitary gland. First, lie flat on the backward direction and place the arms in a downward direction, start lifting the legs and the other part of the body. Straighten the legs and the spine of a body the weight is managed by upper arms and shoulders. Yoga is a great way to increase height naturally if followed regularly and rigorously.

4. Have balanced diets-

Having a good diet is essential to provide nutrition to the body. Nutrition is necessary to help in increasing height. Junk food, fatty food, cold drinks should be left, as it gives negative impact on the body and growth structure. The body requires the necessary vitamins and minerals to have a healthy growth. Vitamin D and Zinc is very necessary for the body. It helps in increasing the growth hormones which helps the bones and teeth to grow. Also, meat, white egg, cheese is good and included in the diet of an individual. Nutrients like magnesium, carbohydrates, phosphorous and vitamins should be included in the balanced diet so that body gets enough nutrients which help the growth hormones to grow at a digested and help to increase the metabolic rate. They do not allow the fat to get stored in the body and helps in making the body grow taller and stronger.

5. Genetics –

Height of an individual also depends on genetic factors. If both parents are short heighted, their child also becomes short. The individual does not control genetic factors. They are out of control. More than sixty percent of height depends on the genetic factors. Height determines hormones which also depend on genetic factor. It is very difficult to assume how tall a person is going to be. Genetic factor determines directly to the height of a person. It is one of the important factors which play a role in growth factor of a person. The height of parents is directly related to the height of a person. But there are certain other factors which help a person to grow height such as to do proper exercise, eat a balanced diet, and have small frequent meals. These factors help in developing growth hormone which makes a person taller.

6. Strong immune system-

Intake of a large amount of vitamin c can help to have a strong immune system. Food such as orange, lemon, and grapefruit are very beneficial for good health. A healthy diet helps to develop a good immune system which helps in growth of hormone. Hormonal growth helps in increasing height naturally. Strong immune system helps in making spinal code strong. Weaker immune can lead to increase in illness causing a barrier to growth. Food such as milk, cheese, nuts, fruits, and vegetables helps in fighting against disease. It helps in increasing height of a person. Proper intake of vitamin and minerals can help to strengthen muscles and helps in growth.

7. Drinks lots of water-

Water is essential to help in increasing height of a person. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water is essential as it helps in removing harmful toxins from the body. Harmful toxins can hinder the growth of bones and other parts of the body. Water also helps in making digestive system strong. Food is digested easily leading to no fat formation in the body. Our body is of seventy percent of water; more the water consumed makes the body stronger and healthier. A healthier body helps to make the bones and muscles stronger and helps in increasing the height of a person. Apart from drinking water, also consume fruits such as orange, lemon, strawberries, cabbage, and grapefruits. Fruits and vegetables make the body fight against various infection and diseases.

8. Ashwagandha-

Ashwagandha helps a lot in increasing height, poor lifestyle factors such as bad food habits, lack of exercise causes the bones and muscles to become weaker. Height decreases as the spinal cord bends. Ashwagandha works great on making bones strong. It also helps in reducing the cell activity. It also helps in providing minerals to the bones making it stronger. Ashwagandha helps in relieving stress and protects the body from damage. It also helps in healing injuries and also in regenerating new healthy tissues. With stronger bones, it can help to develop an increase in height. Take fresh Ashwagandha leaves and grind it to powder form, mix sugar in it and add cow milk into it. Mix them well and consume before taking dinner. Regular use of this method helps in effectively increasing the height of a person. It has a wonderful effect on the body.


Every person has a dream to be taller, to have a position in the society and to feel confident. Height depends greatly on the growth hormone produced by a body. The height of a person also depends on the genetic factor. HGH is greatly required to produce long bones. A good habit can help a person to increase height even after being an adult. Drinking milk also helps a lot in increasing the height. Milk helps in providing calcium to the body which makes the bones stronger. Drinking two glasses of milk on a daily basis helps a lot. Spending time in sunlight helps the body bones to become stronger as sunlight contains vitamin D which is essential for the body.

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