Having good teeth is what everyone desires. Straight teeth add to person’s personality. Both Curved teeth and crooked teeth make a person look aged. Straight teeth bring confidence to the smile of a person. There are some home remedies which help in making teeth straight, but it takes a lot of time. There is a lot of pain accompanied with it. Draping a local hair band on the teeth makes it very painful process. Some people sacrifice their lives with imperfection rather than wearing braces. A Good smile makes a person look perfect. People with good teeth are a more confident person.

Methods to straighten teeth:

Use Gentle pressure to straighten your teeth-

Use a gentle pressure through the tongue to your teeth. As a little pressure can help in making teeth at its place. Use of temporary teeth can bring a smile on your face and also it can move teeth to its position. Finger’s are very useful in making teeth at its position in which you want. Gentle pressure is required, and no strong pressure should be there, as it may damage teeth and gums. Hard pressure on the teeth can lead to improper positioning of the teeth. Even bleeding takes place.

Improve the nutrition level to straighten teeth-

Bad teeth can impact hygiene level. It would be difficult to brush or clean the teeth. Improper hygiene can also lead to cavities, gums problem, etc. Crooked teeth can also lead to various problems such as diabetes, heart disease, etc. Chew the food more, so that there is saliva formation. It helps in increasing enamel; it can also help in getting rid of the acid is produced while eating food. Nutrition food helps to strengthen the weak enamel. Eat more of dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese. Dairy products help to provide necessary calcium and Phosphorous. Strawberries are full of vitamin c, an antioxidant, which helps to promote health and the malic acid present in it helps to whiten the teeth.

Mouth Guards are available-

Clear plastic aligners are easily available at chemist store, and they are essential to make teeth straight. Some device is also known as a mouth Heat the device in hot water and fit it into the mouth. It helps in minimizing the risk of teeth were broken. There are three types of the mouth guard. Custom fitted mouth guards are the best, as they fit inside very easily. They are expensive but very comfortable. The second type of mouth guard is stock which is reasonable. They are not very comfortable and even create difficulty in speaking and breathing. The third type of mouth guard is Boil and Bite. Boil and Bite mouth guards are better options than stock. They are first boiled and then wore as per the shape. After each use, wash the mouth guard with toothpaste. Do not store the mouth guard in hot water.

Clear Plastic dental aligner

Plastic dental aligner is very useful to move the teeth to its desired position. For this, you need to wear the whole aligner day and even during the night when you sleep. It can help to place the teeth in a good position as you desire. The plastic dental aligner is convenient and has no side effects. During the meal, any lunch, dinner time remove the plastic aligner and store in safe and clean place.


As an adult wearing braces does not look good. So it always recommended using retainers. Hawley retainer is one of the best one. Retainers when they are in use on teeth, but during eating and brushing the teeth, it can easily remove. Retainers fit into the top of the mouth. It is also used to close gaps between the teeth. Retainers help in solving man mouth issues apart from teeth straightening. Retainers are also useful in condition when there is any bite issue. It also prevents the mouth from complete closing during the night which created teeth grinding.

Stop sleeping on the stomach-

Braces are considered best for making teeth straight. But not all like this method as because of metal wires. Overlapping of the teeth takes place due to pressure on the teeth. Sleeping on the stomach means putting pressure on the teeth and situation gets worse if an arm or some other thing is under your head, it’s better to change the pose of the sleeping structure. Always try to sleep in such a position that no pressure is on the teeth. Either sleep on the back or the side.

Avoid leaning your face on hand-

Working for the long hours; this issue is very common with people to lean the face on hand. They get habituated to this habit. Leaning the face over the hand leads to wrong positioning of the jaw leading to crooked teeth. Sitting posture is to change. The pressure in the teeth caused the teeth to move in an inward To get rid of the problem, sit flat. If the lower body is aligned well, upper body will remain stable.

Stop Oral usage and thumb sucking-

Small children have a habit of thumb sucking. Not only due to inward pressure but also due to outward pressure on the teeth, crooked teeth occur which destroys the personality of an individual. Even adults have a habit of chewing pens; using straws, chewing pens, etc. These are the causes which give an outward pressure on the teeth. Try to avoid such bad habits which make the teeth look ugly. The habit of using straw should be left. Place the straw in a position that it is towards the back of the mouth.

Close the gap between any missing teeth-

While the milk teeth fall, and new teeth get in there bridges a gap between the same. Adults also face the problem of teeth falling due to some dental problems; there can be issues. Close the gap with the help of braces, implants; dental bridges will help to prevent teeth becoming crooked. The teeth move between the existing gap.

Removal of wisdom teeth when right time-

Wisdom teeth at the right time should be removed to avoid ugly teeth. If the gap is there, it puts pressure on the existing teeth, which can cause the teeth to become ugly. Wisdom gets removed. It is very necessary to have regular trips and have an x-ray of the teeth. With the permission of the dentist, get the wisdom teeth removed.

Contact your Dentist-

Many times a person is suffering from teeth problem contacting a dentist helps in understanding what the problem Is the problem too complicated or can be solved easily? There are other options given by dentist such as there are bands, which are easy to use and are convenient. Bridges and crowns are the solutions which help in making alignment of teeth correct.

Clear Alignment-

Clear alignment is very useful to make the teeth into correct alignment. For making the process used, it should be worn at least for twenty -two hours a day to make it work effectively if the clear alignment is not in use for longer hours, it will not be effective and would take much longer days as compared to other braces. Clear alignment has a process of three d technology for doing treatment. The brace under clear alignment is very transparent, without anyone knowing treatment. The braces are comfortable and easy to wear. Aligners are composed of medical grade plastics which are very strong, clear, and invisible.

Herbst Appliance-

The Appliance used under this device is a rod and a tube to put pressure on the teeth. Herbst Appliance is used basically for kids. The device is attached to the back side of the molar teeth. It helps to maintain a balance between the upper jaw and the lower jaw. It helps the lower jaw in an upward A Herbst appliance is fitt into the molar of the child. The treatment takes a minimum of one year. The very important function of Herbst appliance is improving the functioning of the jaw.

Palatal Expanders-

A palatal expander acts as a tool to make a balance of the upper jaw with that of a lower jaw. It is in the position of the upper Palatal Expander works as a tool to diminish the differences between upper and lower jaw. After all, it is the smile of a person which matters. The major role of the palatal expander is to create space in the mouth by making the upper jaw wider. When a child’s upper jaw is narrow, it cannot fit with the lower jaw, which can get cured by widening the lower jaw. Expanding the upper jaw helps in widening the smile.


The method is very good and also invisible. Wearing aligner helps in placing the teeth in its good position. They are transparent in color and do not make the person look under confident. Even the celebrities love this option of dental treatment. They cause very less discomfort and are very useful. The dentist looks at the first six pictures of the tooth and then decides. They assess the teeth condition and then decide whether aligner is a suitable treatment for them or not. The person should be adult to go through this treatment. The treatment period is for about four months, which is not a very long period.

Tooth Contouring-

Tooth contouring method is very beneficial in making the teeth straight. It applies to the upper set of teeth. It is not useful for lower teeth. It mainly corrects the teeth which are not in order. Dentist assesses the tooth condition, and then start working on the teeth. Tooth x-ray is done to check if bones and gums are healthy to start the treatment. With the condition of teeth, several techniques are used to correct the tooth shape. If the requirement of teeth is to fill chips, it will set, and then polish would be done to the teeth.

Veneer Treatment-

To do veneer treatment, the first thing which a dentist follows is that it would start making a place in the teeth by removing some parts of enamel. The treatment is not visible, so we need not worry about the gap which is there. Making Veneer takes about two weeks time. There may be sensitivity in teeth while using the process of Veneer. After the veneer is ready, it would set inside the teeth. The Necessary adjustment would be made by the dentist if necessary. When a dentist finds Veneer perfect for the teeth, it will set into the teeth by following some process. Within a short span of time teeth veneer is going to make teeth look perfect. The treatment is less painful as compared with another process.


Being an adult the first question which comes to the mind is how to get a perfect smile by hiding the crooked teeth. Traditional bases are useful in correcting the teeth and placing them in order. There are several other ways other than braces which are to correct the positioning of the teeth. Contacting the dentist can help in knowing about the problem in detail. Orthodontic experts are very helpful in finding a resolution to the dental problem without using braces. In a short span of time when a person wants to make the teeth straight without braces, is to use Porcelain Veneers are of great use. Some people want a good smile on their faces at any cost. Wearing braces on their teeth acts as negativity to their persona as they think metallic braces make people look aged. There are various options other than braces which are effective and equivalent to braces to make teeth straight and beautiful. Beautiful and straight teeth make a smile beautiful. The person becomes confident

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