Eyes are one of the important sensory organs which help to see this beautiful world. There are many factors such as age and genetic factors which affects the eyesight. Eyes are the blessings of the god. Eyes are used to seeing on computer screens, cell phones and televisions, which also increases the problem of eyesight. Intake of vitamins is very helpful for increasing the eyesight. Consumption of fish like salmon, sardines, and cod are very advantageous for the eyes making them beautiful and healthy.

Factors helpful in increasing eyesight

1. Eye Exercise-

Eye exercise is very helpful to make eyes healthy. It helps to maintain the optimum vision, also protects the eyes from any harmful infections. The exercise before going to bed, early in the morning. Hands should be neat and clean to perform the exercise. Regular exercise twice in a day can help in making the eyes strong. Warm the eyes with the help of palm and place them over your eyes. The process should be repeated three times daily for a better result. Roll the eyes by looking in an upward direction. Move the eyes in a circular motion both clockwise and anticlockwise. Keep the eyes focused. With the help of pen focus on the pen, by bringing it closer to the nose. Take the pen away from the nose and be focused on looking into it. Repeat the process at least ten times by being focused, bringing the pen closer and far away from the nose. Take a nap by putting the head in the backward direction, close the eyes and relax for five minutes. It will help eyes to relax and be stress-free. Massage the temples under this method with the help of thumb knuckles massage the portion above eyebrow near the forehead and below forehead near the nose. Repeat the process twenty times in the circular form.

2. Give rest to the eyes-

Our eyes continuously work on the laptop, computer, and mobiles, etc. These make them weak. To make the eyes energetic and active, let the eyes get relaxed for some time. Close the eyes and keep cucumber slices over the eyelids. Cucumber helps in providing cooling effect making it look fresh. Sleep is essential to provide ample rest to the eyes. At least six hours of sound sleep is required to make eyes relax. It allows the eyes to rest, recover, and repair. If sleep is less than six hours; it weakens the visual effect. To make the eyes strong ample sleep is necessary. To have a sound sleep, drink chamomile tea, it helps in giving a sound sleep and helps the body to relax. Read novels; it can help to fall asleep easily. Do not consume tea or coffee before going to bed. Insufficient sleep can lead to many problems such as it makes the eye dry. Dry eyes lead to itching, redness, sensitivity, and vision is not clear. Insufficient sleep can also lead to damage of optic nerve which causes loss of vision. Dark circles also start appearing under the eyes if proper sleep is no there. Reduce the level of stress, and automatically sleep comes.

3. Eat right-

Eating right food helps in improving the vision. Food such as vegetables and fruits are essential to provide sufficient nutrient to the eyes. Vitamin-rich in A, C, and E are essential and makes the eyes healthy. Eat food rich in antioxidants such as carrots which help in increasing the vision of the eyes. There are some essential fatty acids which help in the formation of the cellular membrane. Omega three fatty acids are very important in improving the condition of nerve in the retina. It helps in making the eye muscles strong. Consumption of leafy vegetables, soya beans, walnuts, and flax seeds contains omega three fatty acids. Carotenoids are very beneficial and found in plant and another organism. They are rich in vitamin A, which helps in providing a clear vision and improves the eyesight. Bilberry is also known as the verb for vision which helps in solving all vision problems and makes vision strong. It is required to consume daily two forty mg of bilberry for improving eye vision. Take food rich in an antioxidant known as Lutein which protects the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays. Spinach, broccoli, and mustard green are full of antioxidant. Carrots are rich in vitamin C and vitamin A which helps in protecting the eyesight. It also protects the eyes from diseases like cataract and another eye problem.

4. Almonds in improving the eyesight-

Almonds are rich in vitamin E, which helps in making eyesight strong. It helps in building eye muscles and makes them strong and healthy. Almonds also protect the eyes from various age diseases such as cataract. Working in poor and dim light makes the eyesight weak. Television, and system for long hours cause dark circles under the eyes, makes eye dry and watery. Almonds are very healthy and help in strengthening the weak eyesight. Almonds provide various benefits and nutrient to the eyes. Almond contains Vitamin e which makes the immune healthy for the eyes, to fight against any disease. Almonds are also helpful in protecting from cell damage. Almond contains protein which helps in repairing and building tissue. Iron present in almonds helps in blood circulation of the eyes. Biotin present in almonds protects the eye from having wrinkles. Manganese present in almond helps to reduce the soreness of the eye. Copper in almond helps to get rid of dark circles which are formed under the eye making it look ugly. Magnesium helps in the proper flow of oxygen and blood to the eyes properly. The Phosphorous helps in clearing the blurred image of the eyes. The omega three fatty acids present in almond helps to prevent cell damage in the eye making it stronger and healthier. Almonds are full of benefits and help eyes in many ways. They are blessing to the eyes. Daily consumption of almonds can help in getting rid of the eye problem permanently.

5. Acupressure-

The diseases in the eyes also causes a problem in liver and kidney. Massaging the acupressure point near the orbit of the eyes makes it feel relaxed and stable. Massage gently three to four times in a day to provide relaxation to the eye cells. Pregnant women should take advice from the doctor. The areas near scars and burns should not massage as it can cause serious side effects. Walk almost bare feet on the green grass can be very beneficial. It helps in activating the nerve fibers of the feet. Acupressure helps in relieving stress, improving the eyesight. Acupressure can help in removing headaches, backaches, and treating head trauma. Acupressure works wonderfully in treating the visual effect of a person. Gently press with the help of finger without hurting. Apply the pressure to the point for at least ten seconds and then release for another ten seconds. It helps the muscles around the acupressure point to get relaxed.

6. Carrots-

Carrots are very useful in improving the eyesight. They contain beta-carotene, antioxidant, and vitamin A. Carrots can help to improve the eyesight. The carrot helps to provide vitamin A which strengthens the eye muscles and makes eyesight strong. Carrot contains all vitamins such as A, C & E. The vitamins present in carrot helps to fight against various eye diseases such as macular degeneration, cataract, and other age factor diseases. Under the disease, macular degeneration center of retina begins to break, which makes the vision blurred. A Cataract makes the vision look foggy as there is a problem of clouding of the lens. Carrots are helpful to maintain eyesight. If the vision treatment is not okay with natural method only then visit the doctor, who perform many tests and then decide which treatment is better. Carrots are not useful in case of old age problem. For pregnant ladies, it is suggested to visit a doctor before starting a carrot treatment.

7. Ginkgo Biloba-

Ginkgo Biloba helps in improving the eyesight naturally. It helps in improvement of blood circulation. It helps in improvement of the retina which is beneficial for night vision. It prevents various diseases such as cataract, macular degeneration and also helps in improving memory. It is a wonderful herb and is beneficial only for adult. Children should not be given any dose as this herb is not essential for them. The people with diabetics should contact their doctor first, and then only start any treatment. The daily dose of 120 mg capsule of Ginkgo Biloba helps in improving eyesight.

8. Fennel Seeds-

Fennel seeds are very useful in treating the vision. It makes the eyes healthy. It contains nutrient and antioxidant which is very beneficial for the eyesight. Blend a cup containing almonds, fennel, and sugar into a powder form. Take a teaspoon of this powder solution with a glass of warm water every day before sleeping. The daily dose can help to increase the eyesight. It is hundred percent natural and has no side effects. The natural oil present in the fennel seed is very useful in improving the eyesight.


Having good vision is what every person wants. Good vision makes things easy. Eyes help in enjoying our lives to the fullest. But in today’s time lot of individuals are suffering from the problem of weak eyesight. It is not to worry and can be recover naturally. Poor diet, insufficient sleep, lack of nutrition, staying on small screens like mobile, laptops, and computer are responsible for weak eyesight. Take a proper diet containing vitamins; proteins can help in making vision strong. Eye exercise also helps in making eyesight healthy. Take proper sleep of six hours, so that the body relaxes and eyes too. Fruits rich in vitamins and green leafy vegetables can help in taking out eyeglasses forever.

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