Breast size depends on genetics, the weight of a body, lifestyle, etc. There are various other ways apart from surgery which can help to increase the size of the breast. There are various exercises which can help to increase breast size. Massage is very important to help the breast tissue to grow, and breast muscles become strong. It is recommended to massage regularly to increase the size of the breast. There are so many healthy oils which are very beneficial for breast development. They do not have any side effects.

Breast enhancement exercise: The first form of exercise is wall press, under this form stand in the front of a wall, put the palms in the same position of the chest. Move forward and touch the wall. Do the exercise for about ten minutes. The second form of exercise is Arm circle; under this extend the hands close to the shoulder. Now make circles with the help of arms in forwarding and backward direction and then move the arms in up and down position. Underarm press exercise, stand with your arms open near the chest and bring the arms together. Make the exercise more difficult, use weight to do the exercise. Under prayer pose exercise, extend the arms and press for about a minute. Bend the elbow and press the palms together in the front of the chest. Under the horizontal form of exercise, extend the arm in the front and wide open the arms for at least a minute. These forms of exercises are very beneficial to increase breast size. Exercise helps in the development of pectoral muscles. Working out near chest area makes the breast larger and also toned.

Eating right Food: Food such as nuts, dairies, meat, seafood, etc. They are beneficial for the health. They provide sufficient energy to the body. Herbs are also very important to grow the breast size; they are quite safe to use and also very reasonable to buy. Due to lack of certain hormones breast size becomes small. Herbs help in producing the hormones required to increase the breast size. Fenugreek, wild yam, saw palmetto is the kinds of herbs which are very useful for breast enhancement. Wheat, rice, barley, and brown rice are very important in increasing the blood circulation; hence it is also very essential in breast enlargement. Taking the regular intake of herbs is very good for the body. It also has no side effects.

Cosmetic solutions: Cosmetic not only helps to do makeup it also helps to increase the size of the breast. Wear the clothes in a manner that breast is visible. Cover the rest of the part of a body, so that no makeup, is applied to it. Apply the makeup on the breast and leave for about two hours. With regular use of makeup, changes are in the size of the breast. Wear chicken fillets bra; this silicon fit bra makes a feeling of having real breast.

Soya Milk- Soya milk contains flavones, which is composed of soya bean. They are easily available in different grocery stores. Soya milk contains proteins which are very beneficial and healthy. Soya helps in providing amino acid which is required by the body. It is rich in omega three fatty acid. Due to the presence of low cholesterol, it is beneficial for a healthy heart. It also helps to develop bones, as it is rich in calcium. In different countries like Japan, China, and Taiwan women have noticed soya milk to be very beneficial and healthy to increase breast size. They recommended drinking soya milk on a regular basis. It does not have any side effect and is reasonable. Drink a cup of soya milk on a daily basis for breast enhancement.

Caffeine- The love of coffee should be left if breast size is to increase. Caffeine is metabolic which prevents the growth of breast tissues. Hence the growth of breast gets stopped by regular consumption of coffee. Increase in amount of coffee, increase all health related problems. It increases the level of estrogens which is harmful health. Too much consumption of coffee does not allow the breast to enlarge and even shrink them. We consume coffee to stay active, but its side effects are very harmful. It’s better to stop consuming coffee, rather being affected by any harmful disease. Caffeine blocks the path of estrogens receptor; the body cannot absorb herbs which is beneficial for it.

Sesame Oil- Sesame oil is very useful in breast enlargement. Sesame oil helps in strengthening the breast muscle to grow Heat sesame oil and let it cool down, massage the breast area with sesame oil for few minutes. Wear inner garment, which makes the breast larger. Eat lots of chicken and nuts which helps to enlarge breast. Avoid eating the sugary product, chocolates as they are not beneficial for health. Wear-free size clothes, so that air passes inside and help the breast to grow larger. Sesame oil is inexpensive. It contains vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds which help to make skin healthy. It helps in blood circulation. Sesame oil also contains copper and zinc. Copper present in sesame oil helps in the production of red blood cells.

Fenugreek- Fenugreek helps in increasing the breast size. It also helps in increasing the milk gland in breasts. Take one-fourth cup of powder fenugreek and mix with water. Make the paste and apply on the breasts, keep the paste for ten minutes. To get better result apply the paste twice. Another method is to massage the breast with fenugreek oil on a daily basis. Consume sprouts of fenugreek in breakfast. Fenugreek helps in the increment of estrogen level. It also used as a therapy for hormone replacement.

Massage- Massage plays a very important factor in increasing breast size. Massaging the breast helps in blood circulation, and it also helps in stretching the tissues of the breast. Olive oil and almond oil are the best forms of oil for massaging. Take either the olive oil or the almond oil in the palm. Massage in a circular motion. Repeat the process daily at least two times. Massage helps in making breast tissue stronger. At least massage the breast three hundred times in a day.

Fennel Seeds- Fennel seeds are also one of the best remedies to increase breast size. Fennel seed tea is very good for breast enhancement. Take a tablespoon of fennel seed, one pinch cardamom, and a cup of boiling water. Put the teaspoon of fennel seed in boiling water and add the cardamom in it. Drink Fennel seed tea regularly and twice a day. It is very healthy and beneficial. Fennel seeds help in increasing the estrogen level. Fennel seeds contain fatty acids, which help to increase the breast size; it also helps in strengthening the breast tissue. Fennel seeds also help in increasing the milk for a new mother. Take two teaspoons of fennel seed in a pan; add a tablespoon of cod liver oil into it.  Heat them; allow the solution to cool down. Use this oil to massage the breast in a circular motion for around ten minutes. Let the oil sit for about thirty minutes. Wash with lukewarm water. Apply the remedy regularly twice in a week.

Intake of herbs- Saw palmetto, Dandelion root, and Red clover are the herbs which are very beneficial to help in breast enhancement. They are so healthy and help in making breast firm. Take two teaspoons of dried red clover and place it in hot water. Heat for few minutes. Allow it to cool down, strain and consume this tea twice daily on a regular basis. Saw palmetto contains fatty acid which helps in breast enlargement. They are easily available in the form of capsules, tablets, and tea. Consume two cups of saw palmetto tea daily for a better and effective result. Dandelion root is very effective in breast enlargement. It helps in the growth and development of tissue and cells of the breast. Consume dandelion leaves tea twice in a day; also you can consume dandelion root capsules one in a day. Herbal treatments are natural and have no side effects. It is also recommended to consult a doctor before taking any herbal treatment.

Pueraria Mirifica- As per study at the University of Thailand. The chances are more than seventy percent to increase breast size by the use of Pueraria They help to balance the hormone levels of the body, which help the breast to grow bigger and firm. They are easily available in the market in the form of gels, soaps, capsule, and tablets. Apply the gel on the breast at least three times in a day, until gel gets absorbed fully. The treatment requires three months to get effective result.

Hormone treatment- Hormones are necessary to help in the growth of breast development. It is always suggested to take the help of medical practitioner, before proceeding any further treatment. Progestin is the hormone which gets enlarged during the times of pregnancy. There is another hormone such as estrogen which helps in breast enlargement. Breast actives and total curve are the medicines which are essential for breast enlargement. The treatment does not require any surgery. Blessed thistle has estrogen properties, which helps in increasing the breast size. It also helps in increasing the milk supply in the breast.

Huddles- If smoking is left sagging can also be reduced to a limit. Smoking is the only huddle in the body development. Too much smoking can also lead to cancer. Smoking also hinders the blood circulation in the body. It also affects the growth of generic tissues. Sugar is the second huddle which comes in the way of breast development. Sugar is there in most of the junk food and drinks which we consume due to its taste, but it is harmful. Such food helps in gaining weight, but breast size remains same which makes it look odd and ugly. Sugar helps in producing a hormone known as testosterone which does not allow the estrogen level to grow in the breast. Stress is the third type of huddle which comes in the way of enhancing breast development. Stress does not allow the breast to develop. Too much stress leads to producing those hormones which are not required and reducing the growth of main hormones which helps in the growth of breast. Hence stress is not good for overall health of a person. Not getting enough sleep is another major huddle in the development of breast tissue. Estrogen production and function get hampered if sleep is not proper. Try to get a minimum of eight hours of sleep, to function the human body properly.


Conclusion: Breasts are the assets of any women. They increase the personality of women. Beautiful breasts make body structure unique and attractive. Usually, every woman has different size and shape of the breast. But every woman desire of having a firm and bigger size breast. Good shape and size of breast depend on certain habits which need to take care. Proper eating habit should be there. Junk and sugary food must ignore. Food rich in carbs, proteins should be taken which helps in providing energy and overall body development. Good breast size helps a woman to feel more confident. Weight is a factor which leads to different breast size. Breast contains a fatty acid. If a person is healthy, she has bigger breast as compared to women who are thin. Size also depends on the genetics. The size of the breast also depends on parents. Hormones play a major role in breast enhancement. Due to hormonal disbalance, some women have smaller breast. Proper exercise also helps to enhance the breast development. Exercise should be limited, not in excess. Too much exercise is also harmful to overall health. Growth parameters help in breast development also. Eating healthy makes like easy


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