How to Avoid Heatstroke

Heat stroke is due to overheating of the body. During summer as the temperature is already high, it causes more heat in the body. Immediate action is required if any person is suffering from heat stroke. Otherwise, it can lead to severe impacts such as damage to brain, kidney, heart, and muscles. The symptoms of heat stroke are many such as high body temperature under this body temperature rises as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit. The second symptom is a mental state, under which a person is confused, feels agitated, and can also be in a coma. The third symptom is that a person may feel like vomiting. Due to increase in temperature face may turn red. The fourth symptom is that a person may have, an increase in heart rate. Try to place the car in a shaded area if you are outside. Always put on air condition while driving, to maintain the temperature level.

Causes of Heatstroke:

Heatstroke can happen due to a hot environment. A person gets exposed to a hot environment for a longer period. He is already having an illness and is in a hot environment. A person not adapted to a hot atmosphere, and he is doing any physical activity for a longer period. Due to excess wearing of clothes can also lead to heat stroke. Too much drinking of alcohol can lead to lots of heat formation in the body. If a person gets dehydrated for a longer period, he can become a victim of heat stroke.

Risk factors:

Though anyone can become a victim of heatstroke, there are certain factors which increase the chances of heat stroke.

1. Age-

There are certain age factors which increase the risk of having heat stroke such as a very young adult who is not in the habit to stay in heat for a longer period. An old age people whose immune gets weak with time. They are at higher risk of having heat stroke. They remain dehydrated leading to such problems.

2. Hot weather-

Young adult practicing for their sports can lead to such problem of heat stroke as they get exposed to such atmosphere for a longer period. Military Training and practice is for a longer period in a hot atmosphere. They become the victim of heat stroke as they get exposed to sunlight for long hours. The temperature is very high physical activities are not beneficial.

3. Certain medicines and health conditions-

Some medicines provide heat inside the body, and if taken in hot weather it increases heat two times causing harm to the body. Some medicines narrow the blood vessels. The certain illness which a person is suffering from like heart or lung disease may increase more chances of having heat stroke.

4. Complications:

There are certain complications which increases the problem if not treated timely, it can damage lungs, liver, brain and can even cause the death of a person. The disease gets treated with priority otherwise it is very difficult to save a life. Try to remain hydrated and do not expose the body too hot temperature for longer hours. Use air conditioners to keep the body in a cool state.

Prevention of heat stroke

1. Wear loose and lightweight clothes-

Wearing loose, and cotton clothes help the air to pass easily in the body making it look cool and fit. Tight clothes do not allow the air to pass through the body. When the person is outside for long hours wearing cotton clothes are good for the body. Use a wet towel, ice cubes; cool talcum powders can help in preventing from the heat stroke. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Water helps to fight against all diseases; it removes harmful toxins from the body. Making body fit and fine. If the precaution is not on time, it can lead to vomiting and other diseases such as nausea, damage to brain, lungs, and liver. If the person is out in the sun for long hours, make use of sunscreen lotion to prevent from ultraviolet rays. Eat fruits and vegetables which contain lots of water. Fruits and vegetables help to get rid of extremely hot weather.

2. Protect from harmful ultraviolet rays-

Apply sunscreen lotion on the face when you move out in the sun for long hours. Sunscreen lotion helps to prevent from harmful rays of the sun. It keeps the face moisturized. Wear sunglasses to protect from ultraviolet rays which could harm the eyes. Sunscreen is one of the best remedies to fight against the sun. Staying cool can prevent from harmful rays of the sun. Stay away from the sun and try staying in the cool shade. Do not stay in the sun for long hours. Sunscreen helps the skin from having wrinkles. Sunscreen contains useful ingredients which prevent the sun from reaching deep of the skin. Sunscreen is available for all the types of the skin. The SPF 24 present in sunscreen protects from harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching the skin. It contains vitamins which help in removing dark spots and prevents skin from pigmentation. The sunscreen also contains a nutrient which makes the skin healthy and glow. No skin disease can be there if sunscreen is regularly used when out in the sun.

3. Drink plenty of water-

Water helps to keep hydrated, water also protects from excess heat of the sun. It provides energy to the person. Hit strokes block the fluid of the body. Water helps in making fluid stable. Take a teaspoon of sugar, mix with a bit of salt, and take a pinch of baking soda. Mix the solution well. Drink at least three ml of this solution daily to protect the body from heat stroke. The mixture is very useful as it helps the body to retain water for a longer period. Sugar contained in the mixture helps to maintain energy making body fit. Baking soda is used to help and maintain the mineral level in the body. The fluid which gets lost from our body is balanced only when drinking lots of water. Otherwise, there might be dehydration and fluid deficiency in the body. Avoid intake of tea, coffee, and alcohol which increases the heat in the body, and it is not good in hot weather.

4. Butter Milk and Coconut water-

Buttermilk contains probiotics, which helps the body to maintain vitamins and minerals in the body, which get lost from the body in the form of sweat. It also helps to balance the electrolyte in the body. Due to the presence of lactic acid, buttermilk helps in the process of digestion and also improves the immune system in the body. The water level maintained in the body with the help of buttermilk; it helps in keeping the body cool and away from heat. Buttermilk is also useful in protecting against bacteria and makes stomach clear. Buttermilk also helps in irregular bowel movements, any infection in the stomach helps in easy digestion. Buttermilk contains vitamins which help in making body fit and fight against any weakness. The riboflavin content of buttermilk helps in converting food into energy. Buttermilk contains plenty of proteins which help in maintaining the level of blood pressure. Also helps in solving the cholesterol problem. The consumption of buttermilk on a daily basis help in the problem of constipation. It is also very useful for weight loss as it does not allow fat to accumulate in the body.

5. Tamarind Drink-

Tamarind has a combination of all vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes which help the body to stay against heat. To prepare tamarind drink to take some quantities of tamarind and heat in boiling water, let the solution get cooled and then drink. Tamarind drink is very useful to keep the body hydrated. It also helps in clearing all stomach infections. The pulp of the tamarind can be used to treat eye disease. Tamarind drink is used to fight against heat. The benefits of tamarind are many and used to fight against all stomach problems. The fiber contains in tamarind make digestion easy. The property of carb- blocking which is very beneficial for diabetic patients. It also prevents from various heart diseases. Along with fighting against heat stroke tamarind has many health benefits. It helps to maintain the glucose level of the individual. The antioxidant present in tamarind helps the body to protect against harmful heat rays. It helps in making immune strong so that body can fight any disease. The presence of fiber, vitamin c, minerals, and acid works as a blood purifier.

6. Infant, young children, and older adult-

Small kids and infant babies do not have any knowledge to protect them from heat rays. We should not allow our kids to play in a hot atmosphere, as this can lead to dehydration. They can easily come under the circle of heat stroke, as they are small and do not have any knowledge to protect them. Feed them with plenty of water, fresh fruits, juices and green vegetables. Never leave a child in a closed car. The temperature inside the car is very hot, and it can harm the little one. Keep the children in cotton clothes which makes their body feel relax and comfortable. Do not cover them with too many clothes which can suffocate them, as there is no air passage. Always try to keep children in the cool environment probably in an air conditioner or cooler. The older adult immune system gets weak as the age increases. They do not have the stamina to fight any diseases. Ask them to move away from the sun and stay in a cool place. Give them a cool bath to make their temperature normal.

7. Stay indoors-

Always check the temperature before moving out of the house. Do not step out of the house if there is the alarming situation and the temperature is more than hundred degrees Fahrenheit. It may damage health severely. Cover the room with all curtains, so that heat does not enter the house. Put on the air conditioner and ceiling fan, so that cool air is distributed equally in the room. If there is no air conditioner use space in malls, library, air-conditioned grocery stores. Take a bath with cold water to make the body temperature normal. Use ice cubes and cool talcum powder to protect the body from humid temperature. Drink plenty of water to protect yourself from dehydration. Drink water even if you do not feel thirsty. Stop the intake of caffeine, as it may hurt the body. If you get caught in the heat stroke, take the treatment immediately. If the treatment not done, it can damage the liver, lungs, and the brain.


Extreme hot weather and temperature can lead to a serious adverse effect on the body. It can cause many damages to the body. Heat stroke takes its place when the water present in the body decreases. The body stops sweating causing an adverse effect. It is very important to take proper care of the body and avoid such adverse situation. Always consume plenty of water. Water has a power to help the body fight against various disorders. Insufficient water gives a chance for disease to attack the body. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. The vitamins and minerals present in fruits and juices make the body strong and healthy. Proper precaution is required while moving out in hot temperature. The use of sunscreens and sunglasses help in protecting skin from damage due to harmful rays of the sun. Select an appropriate time to visit outside probably after four in the evening, when the atmosphere becomes cool and pleasant. Do not allow heat to damage the skin. In Heat stroke call an ambulance for an emergency, unless ambulance comes sit in the shade away from heat. Ask some to provide water and ice cubes. Prevention is better than cure. It is better to take precaution for heat stroke, rather than facing it.

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