Head lice are very troublesome. It is a kind of parasite which is mostly in the head of human beings. Head lice occur basically in the heads of small children. Sharing of combs leads to spread of lice from one head to another. Head lice happen when contacted with an already infected person with lice. The food of head lice is the blood of the human scalp. It does not happen because of the unclean environment or poor standard of living.



It feels like something is moving on the head of a person. Itchiness occurs, by regularly scratching even head become soar. Regular movement of lice in the head leads to irritation and infections. Lice are there on the scalp of the hair. Closely searching can help in finding out adult head lice. But to find the egg of lice is very difficult, sometimes professional help is required to find the nits of lice. It is through a microscope. Blacklight can also be used to diagnose head lice with adult one.


When the person is having lice infection for the first time, they may not have the problem of itching. The itching does not take place for at least six weeks.

Moves quickly-

Lice is very small, and they are also very quick. When the person feels that something is moving and tries to take out, it moves quickly. Also when we find them through the finger, they move quickly and are rarely caught.

Lice Egg–

Lice eggs are very small, and they are behind the ears, on the shafts of the hair, and behind the neckline. They are very tiny and very difficult to find.

Lice are Contagious-

Lice can easily spread from one head to another. Combs should be separate. Mostly small school going children get infected. Lice’s do have the power to fly, but they are so tiny that they can pass from one head to another very easily. Use of common bed sheet, hair brush, clothes, etc. help them to spread faster.

Allergic reaction-

Lice when bites cause an allergic reaction. First, when the infection is at the initial level, it does not cause itching. There is difficulty in sleeping when the person has lice. It is very troublesome. Adult lice can be easy to spot, but egg lice are very difficult to take out.


Routine Head checkups-

As the lice eggs are tiny, before they grow big and start producing more it is advised to take them away. They are moving mostly behind the ears, on the scalp of the hair. Once in a week properly check the scalp of the person this infects mostly kids.


Children are advised not to share personal things-

Small children are not to share combs, towel. As this can lead to infections, and also the transfer of parasite (head lice). Even this rule needs to be for own siblings in the house.


Practice Safer sleep-

If there are more than one children in the house during their time of sleeping it is advised to ask them to sleep with their heads separate from one another. As with the help of heads, lice can travel from one person to another.


Use of shampoo and conditioner-

Lice’s get away from the smell of oils like tea tree oil, menthol, lavender oil, rosemary oil, etc. Even shampoo should be selected in which one of the fragrances is there. It will help in removing lice.

Spritz clothing with lice protection spray-

It smells like peppermint, it helps in killing both lice and its egg. Spray on the areas like clothes, accessories, bed sheets, etc. can help in preventing lice.

Put a scarf over any public transport seat-

Public transport like a plane, train, buses are used by many people. So many people use them. Who is infected by the disease we never know. So it is better to use precautions.

Keep Hair tied up-

It is true that girls get infected with lice more than boys. So it is better to keep hair tied, as there would be fewer chances of having lice infection through buns or ponytails.

Vacuum the floor-

Children sit all around and play in their homes; there are possible chances of lice spread on the floor where he was playing. So, it is suggested to vacuum the floor and keep it clean from lice.




It is naturally from Chrysanthemums. It is beneficial for children above two years of age. Killing adult lice but not egg lice are useful. Follow the treatment after ten days for better effect. Pyrethrins should not be for children below two years; also it should be kept out of reach of small children. Pyrethrins are the kind of parasites.

It is helpful in killing both lice and its egg. It helps in killing lice from the head. This treatment should be used in after ten days. It is very much safer for children. Permethrin lotions are safer compared to other treatments. If a person is allergic or pregnant, it must say to the doctor.While using permethrin lotion it is advisable to keep away from the mouth, and nose as the lotion might cause harm to mouth and nose.


Lice do like strong fragrance; it does not like the odor of garlic. Garlic is very useful in removing lice. Take three cloves of garlic and mix with a teaspoon of lime juice. Apply the mixture of garlic and lime juice on the hair scalp and cover the hair with any plastic cap. Leave the mixture for about thirty minutes. Wash with hot water for a better result. Garlic contains anti-inflammatory properties which help in the treatment of lice. Chewing raw garlic is also very beneficial for treating lice. Applying garlic oil on the hair scalp is also a wonderful treatment against head lice.

Hot Air-

Hot air is also one of the best processes to remove lice from the hair. Using blow dryers can be very effective to remove lice. The temperature below the blow dryer also helps in the treatment of lice. Hair dryer delivers enough hot temperature to kill lice. It is too hot and should be used safely otherwise; it could be harmful to the scalp.


Mayonnaise is a great way to kill lice by suffocating them. It is natural conditioner. Apply mayonnaise on the hair and cover with the plastic cap. Allow the solution to stay for at least six hours. After that shampoo, the hair and dry them. Use a toothed comb to brush the hair and take out lice. Repeat the process in every week for effective result. Killing lice with the help of mayonnaise takes about eight hours. Mayonnaise has oil contained in it, which helps to get rid of lice.


Pour any quality of alcohol on the hair and rub across the hair and scalp. Leave for about an hour and then wash with shampoo and comb with a toothed brush. It is very beneficial in removing lice. Repeat the process one in a week for a better result. Rubbing alcohol over the hair helps in killing lice and prevents them from further re-occurring. Even the alcohol is on the comb and the hat of a person to remove the lice permanently.


Listerine lice treatments are much cheaper and easy. Use of Listerine is very useful and effective way to kill lice. Listerine has a combination of alcohol and oils such as peppermint, and wintergreen oil. Spread mouthwash on the hair scalp and cover the hair with plastic cap. Leave for about an hour. Wash the head with shampoo and then use a conditioner. Follow the process biweekly. Comb the hair with the hairbrush to take out any leftover lice. Wash the bedsheets, clothes, toys, etc. so that no lice are there on the accessories.


Neem hair scalp. Leave the mixture for thirty minutes and then wash your head with shampoo and use conditioner. The ingredient present in neem oil helps to break the life cycle of the lice. Apply the neem oil on the scalp and comb with a hairbrush and take out lice in that process. Put the lice in the disposable plastic bag and throw them. Also to further kill the lice wrap the hair with plastic and wear a shower cap for the whole night. Repeat the process daily till the lice is removed further oil is essential in removing head lice. Make a paste of neem leaves and apply on the hair scalp.

Petroleum jelly-

Petroleum jelly is very helpful in removing head lice. Apply thick part of petroleum jelly on the head scalp and leave for overnight. Spread the petroleum jelly over the hair and cover the hair part with a soft towel. After certain hours remove the plastic cap and wash the hair with lukewarm water. Take the detergent and wash the hair scalp with detergent to remove petroleum. Wash hair with shampoo and then with conditioner. After doing shampoo and conditioner comb the hair to remove lice eggs.

Coconut oil and camphor mask-

Mix camphor with coconut oil and apply on the hair mask. The smell of camphor helps in killing lice. Leave the mixture for the whole night. In next morning wash with shampoo. Use the process in every fifteen days. The Coconut oil has many properties. It is also called fatty oil which helps to suffocate the lice. Applying coconut oil on a regular basis helps in further recurrence of head lice. Coconut oil makes the hair greasy which makes lice difficulty to walk. Lice hate the oily environment as they cannot walk freely.


Salt and Vinegar-

Vinegar is useful to destroy egg lice permanently. Young lice cannot deliver egg when vinegar is on to the hair. Vinegar has an antiseptic property which helps in germ killing. Salt and vinegar help in removing head lice. Take a quarter cup of vinegar and salt and put this in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the hair scalp and cover the hair with plastic cap. Leave the solution for the whole night. Wash off the hair with shampoo and then use conditioner.


Head lice are tiny in structure. They mostly leave on the scalp of human hair. They are insect who feed blood of human beings. The egg of the lice is very difficult to detect. They live for about thirty days in one head after which they transfer to some other head which gets in contact. Lice do crawling and get transferred from one head to another. It is better to take precautions rather than to go for its treatment. We should always teach our child to stay away from another child who is suffering from lice infection. It is very painful to have head lice. There is lots of irritation and nights are also sleepless. Simple measures and precautions can help in getting rid of these problems.

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